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Everyday is Special to Someone!

Our high-quality signs are designed to stand up to the tough conditions and still look bright and new, even after lots of use. Instead of printing directly onto corrugated plastic, our pieces are 7-year UV-rated vinyl hand-laid onto the sign base. They will not look dingy or weathered in your yard.


Uniqueness - Most people are searching for something unique, something to remember– a lawn greeting is 100% personalized and it is likely something they have never received before.


Environmentally Friendly – Lawn greeting displays are reusable and create no waste, unlike flowers that die, cards that need to be recycled, gifts that get returned or the "I'm at a loss for what to get you" gift card.

Guaranteed to bring joy - A priceless gift (figuratively- of course) lets face it we all have so much 'stuff' the thought of giving another 'something' to add to the pile really takes the reward out of giving.

Quick & Convenient – No shopping required! Just book your personalized message on-line. It is as easy as that! It's a big bang for your buck and brings a smile to the giver and receiver....and their friends.

Mission Statement

Grass Greetings commits to serving families and communities by helping celebrate special milestones moments. Every day is special to someone and we aim to create rewarding heartwarming experience because we believe that joy is good for the soul. 

Image by Arnel Hasanovic

About Me

Life is always full of surprises! Twist, turns and

new opportunity.


Just over 12 years ago, I moved from Queensland Australia to Vancouver, Canada with my Husband. For the first few years, I felt like I just didn’t fit in. I was a first time mom (enough said) and I felt like a fish swimming in the wrong direction. I’d given up my career, my country and my identity in one fowl swoop- I thought “what have I done”.



As time went by, I started to find my groove. Without even really looking I stumbled upon a business idea that I thought was just ‘so cool’. "Grass Greetings (formerly Card The Yard) it didnt take me long to see that this was a great fit for me. I get to exercises my creativity (sounds weird, but I love all things 'fonts' and hand lettered signs), sink my teeth into a business that brings joy to others and is going to allow me to use all my marketing prowess.


I hold a Bachelor of Business Administration (Marketing Major). I spent 5 years as an area manager for a global retailer, and 10 in corporate accounting and administration. Those experiences gave me the confidence to take on and thrive with this exciting opportunity.

I live in Pitt Meadows Canada (where I finally feel like I fit in) with my terribly brilliant husband and two sons. Grass Greetings is an entirely new concept and the very first of its kind in Canada. This community and the surrounding areas are a very special pocket of suburbia… (the kind where your neighbor calls you when you left the front door open.. actually happened....twice). I have been embraced by this community, grateful to call it home and I can’t wait to start spreading joy, one yard at a time.

Danielle Spraggs

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