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Surprise Someone with a Mini-Greeting"Sweet Greet!"

If you don't have a big enough yard... but you still want to make someone's day? Or, those times when a plain old card just won’t do! Why not order a mini-greeting. 

  • From $129.00 + travel + gst

  • 12-24 hours display

  • minimum 3-4 feet of grass or soil required

  • Stands available upon request. Stand rental $50


Mini greetings can be a great way to remind that special someone in your life that you care about - your partner, elderly grandparents, neighbor, mom & dad, your dear friend undergoing treatment, a sibling that you can't meet up with, that teacher or healthcare worker that has been working extra hard... 

Pitt maple mape for Sweet Greet.JPG
Free Delivery
Travel fee  $20 
Travel fee  $30 
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