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Do I get to keep the signs? No, it is a rental service. Signs are installed and picked up. The inventory is  re-used.


Can you deliver and set up a sign at a specific time? Most likely yes,  My main goal is to help a client surprise their honoree... so install times are flexible however extra fee's may be charged if outside my typicall delivery time.


Can I pick what colours the sign will be and the specialty graphics? Yes, feel free to include your preferences in the booking request process. First come first serve. Most people leave it up to I know my inventory best and know what colours go well together and match the age and gender.


Can I order a custom sign? Example our teams' mascot? No, if you want something like that I would suggest you just go direct to a printer for a one-off job.


Can I keep it for two days or more? Yes, additinal night fee of $50 is charged. 


Can I pick up the signs and do it myself? No, installs and pick ups are always done by Grass Greetings. If you live outside of our service area... feel free to email us for a quote. We always try to accomodate special requests


What if I need to cancel my booking? If you must cancel your booking you need to email as soon as possible. If you cancel the day off, you must recieve a response from me before the booking is considered cancelled. (Phone or text to reach me faster than email) . You can choose to receive 1/2 of your booking rate as a refund, or you may leave the full amount on credit for a future booking date, based on our availability.


What if the signs get damaged or stolen? You will be invoiced for missing or damaged lawn display items. After installing over 1000 signs in 3 years we have only had two issues with theft and the signs were returned on one of these occasions. Statistically, it is a low risk.


What if I don't have grass? Grass is essential to installing the metal stakes. I cannot install on river rock, artificial turf or gravel. However, we do have wooden stands that can be used for installs and can be placed on a flat surface. Additional charges apply. It is possible to install on hay bales (must be provided by client) or signs can be zap strapped to a chain-link fence. **hint, if you can insert a 6" screwdriver in the ground- I should be able to insert my signs


Can I install a sign in a public location? Typically No, unless you have written permission from the local city council. Installs are done on private property with the permission or the assumption that permission would be granted


Im surprising my partner and don't want them to see the charge on the credit card, can I pay afterwards?  No, invoices must be paid prior to the day of the booking. I can accept Cash, Apple Pay or cheque if etransfer is not an option.


What if I want the sign facing the house or in the backyard?  Yes, it is possible to put the sign anywhere you like. When you make the booking request, please be as specific as possible. Feel free to send a photo of the location or instructions. Please keep in mind that written instructions are still subjective. (eg.. to the left of the driveway is not speciific enough) Instead put   "If you are facing the house, to the left of the driveway". Please note that if you want a surprise back yard set up, it is best if someone in the house knows about the sign in advance.


Can I move the signs myself? No, please do not move the signs. Please phone me to discuss. Please note that when I install the sign I will always follow the clients instructions if provided.  If no specific instructions are provided I will make a judgement call of where to place the sign. 


How much space do I need & how big is each letter? Ideally you would want a minimum of 8-10 feet. Each letter is approx 1.5 foot wide and 2 feet high. I may have to shorten a phrase if space doesnt permit. Example "HAPPY 10th B' DAY JACK" "HAPPY 10TH JACK" "CONGRATS" . If your worried about the space, I can always take a look on google maps or send me a picture and I can advise on what I think would work best.


How do I figure out what the travel fee will be? Please refer to the map provided on the pricing page. Below the map is a list of locations with a range. For a specific quote, please submit a booking request.


How far in advace should I book? Bookings are taken on a first come first service bases.. Ideally 1-2 weeks, although 1-3 days notice is usually doable.  With the exception of graduation season. There is a same day booking fee of $26.00


Will the signs get damanged from rain & snow? No, the signs are all weather in regards to rain and snow. We cannot make deliveries during severe wind storms or lightening storms and we will attempt to rescheduel or offer a refund. It is a possibility of the ground being frozen and the stakes cannot be inserted in to the soil, however this has not been an issue in the past winter seasons in BC, Canada.


Do you tell the honoree who booked the greeting for them? No, I leave a small advertising sign off to the side of the display. If they contact me the next day and ask who made the booking. I tell them that I cannot say who made the booking but I am happy to contact my customer and let them know that the honoree has reached out and asked who booked the greeting and suggest they reveal it to them directly. 


What is the best way to contact Grass Greetings? Email is best for all booking details and non urgent communication. Please text or phone for urgent time sensitive matters. Do not leave a voice message. Text or phone: 778-789-8880


What if I live outside your service map but still want to book through Grass Greetings.  If I don't service your area, I'll take a look at the booking and let you know if it is possible. If your address falls into one of our other franchisee's areas you will be referred to them. Yard Party Vancouver, Backyard Greeting Card or Sign Us Up Yard Greetings.  Much like any franchise agreement, we refer the booking to the appropriate business. There are no referral fees exchanged. We are independently owned and operated. We have the same inventory but we will have differences in the way we manage our businesses. 


Can you install at Care Homes during Covid? Yes, if the staff at the Care Home have agreed to the install. I will submit to Covid Screening and wear PPE. Ideally, a setup and take-down time are pre-arranged. 


Can I leave a tip/gratuity for Grass Greetings.? Yes, of course.  Whilst a gratuity is not expected they are very much appreciated.  The easiest way is to overpay your invoice.  Otherwise, leave a note with cash,  during your scheduled pick-up time if safe to do so.


Tips and Comments!

**When describing the yard, use left and right from the perspective of standing in front of the house.

**We accept all credit cards including American Express and Apple Pay

**If you are having a drive-by birthday parade, please let me know the time. Just in case.

**Adding your own Garden Spotlights to the grass greeting can be an excellent addition.

**Make sure you check the invoice for key points of information #1. Address, #2. Spelling #3. Date. If any of these items are incorrect the greeting can be spoiled. 

**If you want the greeting facing the house, you must specify

**We have introduced summer and winter install times.

**If you want us to leave a handwritten note or leave a card please request it. No extra charge...just customer service

**Social Media. For Facebook use;  @grassgreetingsca    Instagram  #grassgreetingsca

** If you want to review us on google... please click here GOOGLE REVIEW

Birthday Signs In Snow
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